"It's been another kind of time"

Soul Survivors
Day 278

When you first turn on a DVD of Soul Survivors, you'd better be prepared to make a very difficult decision:

Reality, Dream, or Nightmare.

It took longer for us to decide which path to chose than it did to watch the 10-second long, meaningless introduction that each of these labels describes.

...I'm not even going to pretend like I want to write about this movie. Instead, I will just leave you with my unassembled notes! (Yes, I do take notes.) Plus, I wouldn't dare want to ruin any of the movie's ingenious twists and surprises for you, or something....

As this film marked the second ever meeting of the Luke Wilson Merethon Review Panel, there were plenty of quotable remarks to be heard. Without further ado:

-Reality, Dream, Nightmare?

  • We had to look up the differences online. Found out - only a difference of introduction. Nothing to do with actual movie version.
  • "Vegetables have hit the floor."
  • "I spit out my carrot!"

-Super cheese-y opening titles against a backdrop of simulated rain.

-"Tiny Explosions" - The Presidents of the USA

-"How long did we waste on that opening menu?"

-"Is that dinosaur-girl?"

-"Nobody gets branded and doesn't care..."

-"That was hairy!"

-"I'll go get your pills..." (x 100)

-"Even a dream of life is better than facing death." - Father Jude

-Jenna liked it.

-"So, Hell is a lesbian sex-bathroom in the basement of a church with cars burning outside for eternity?"

-"I think they made Casey Affleck sign a no-nudity clause in his contract."

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING: 2 out of 5 stars. 
"The best way to look at it is with your eyes closed." ...And with lots of sandwiches.

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