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Legally Blonde
Day 252

First of all, I've really got to start writing these reviews closer to the time I actually watch these movies! It's going on a couple weeks now since I've watched this one, and though I'd seen it before, I found myself pleasantly surprised, as I'd all but forgotten that it's really quite a great flick.

Sure, it's a little silly, but it's also quite witty and very entertaining. Also entertaining was seeing Matthew Davis--aka VD's Alaric--as the evil ex-boyfriend, Warner. Definitely didn't remember that...

Serendipitously, this movie also happened to pop up in the Merethon just in time for Liz's last day as an L1 (Congrats again, Ms Lizzy!) Especially entertaining was the subsequent drinking-game for every law school or legal jargon inaccuracy. :) We learned a good deal!

We also concluded that CULA is not a real school, and that, for being in the 2000s, some of those outfits looked suspiciously mid-90s... I think we also definitely agreed that the whole "bend & snap" sequence is all a bit much. That scene really just deteriorates pretty quickly.

That aside, though, this movie is pretty much great! Good for a laugh, good for a girls'-night-in. Frankly, it's just good, clean fun.

I've not yet seen the sequel, but luckily, Mr. Wilson awaits us there, too...

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars (an extra star for being surprisingly better than I remembered!)
Sandwiches permitted only with proper documentation (Stuewe v. Collins. 381 U.S. 436 (2011).


"This is like Soul Train's highest honor!"

Day 234
Charlie's Angels

I really had zero desire to watch this movie.

I love that the main characters are strong, intelligent, lovely women, kicking ass and solving crime.....

Still definitely didn't want to see it.

Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood or frame of mind? Or maybe it was just a little too...something...

Or not enough something? Either way, it was definitely an improvement over Bad Seed!

There was definitely a plot. Even a reasonably complex one at that. And then there was the fairly expected "twist." Lots of fun outfits and neat-looking action sequences for our heroines.

Lots of quirky characters, too. Bill Murray--lovely as ever! Tom Green?....Not so much. I guess I have to remember this movie was made back when we'd only heard his shtick 1,000 times....

As for Mr. Wilson, I'd say he's not too far off on this character. He's quite lovely and love-able as the goofy, very naive love-interest to Ms. Diaz's Natalie.

I guess, truly, this movie really accomplished what it seemed to have set out to do; it was passably entertaining.

Not amazing. Not wonderful. Not life-changing. Just bright-colored, fast-moving, boob-filled fluff...

I've never even seen any of the original shows, but I'm apt to believe they were of a similar persuasion. If I really cared enough, I'd try to write something intelligent about women in film, etc., but maybe that's for a different blog...

Anyways, it's ok. Sometimes fluff is ok.

But only just 'ok'....

Also, loved the whole 15 second-long role of eldest Wilson, Andrew, as "Corwin's Driver." And ending the movie with Rod Stewart singing a Jimi Hendrix song?! Nice!

Good effort. Mission accomplished ladies! We'll see you again soon for round 2!

Maybe leave out Tom Green next time, though, ok? Thanks!

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING: 2 out of 5 stars
The LL Cool J "trick" sorta made me lose my appetite for anything, let alone sandwiches...

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