Day 9:
AT&T Fail.

So, does anyone else find it a little ironic that my (lack of) AT&T service was to blame for my inability to post a review of the full-length Bottle Rocket last night?

It literally just stopped. We tried everything we could possibly think of, short of actually calling the good people at AT&T. Maybe I should call this evening and just ask for Luke?

Hopefully we can get this sorted out soon as I hiiiighly doubt they'll approve of my blogging about Luke Wilson from my office computer!

The Mere-thon must go on...


"He says, 'This is he."

Day 1
Bottle Rocket (short)

I had intended to limit this blog to full-length feature films, but there's no way to talk about Luke Wilson's career at all without mentioning the Bottle Rocket short film. It is the beginning! Plus, I'm not sure there's really anything I don't love about this film.

A mere 13 minutes long, it's a great little story of three friends setting up, training for, and pulling off their first heist. I'm sure the film is in black and white simply for the sake of money, but that trait coupled with the awesome jazz soundtrack makes for a great old-fashioned "heist" atmosphere.

And even with my untrained eyes, I don't think it's too hard to see why Wes Anderson eventually became THE Wes Anderson that he is today. Props to Owen Wilson as well for his contributions in co-writing the screenplay with Anderson. The dialogue literally makes me laugh out loud.

And the characters! Even as underdeveloped as they are in such a short piece, they are none the less endearing and memorable. (The gun salesman is especially fun). But perhaps I give it too much credit, having watched the full-length version inspired by this short several times before ever having seen the short.

Either way, I adore Bottle Rocket.

Even just the very notion of a couple friends/brothers getting together and actually making a movie...call me what you will, but I find it inspiring to say the least.

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING: 5 out of 5 stars
An excellent first effort!

Next up...
Bottle Rocket (full-length)

(A big thank you to Matt for letting me borrow his Criterion copy with the short and full-length films!)


Happy 39th birthday, Luke Wilson!

Hello and welcome to the Luke Wilson Mere-thon blog!

Starting today, actor Luke Wilson's 39th birthday, I will begin my pointless, 365-day quest to watch every movie featuring Mr. Wilson just in time for his 40th birthday.

I will begin from the beginning with the short film, Bottle Rocket. From there we'll work our way (as chronologically as possible) to his most recent film as of September 2011. I'll be blogging all along the way, giving my frank review of each movie, as well as relaying any other fun details of the tribulations and excitements of my quest.

Feel free to play along at home or just follow my updates here on the official Luke Wilson Mere-thon blog!


Let's get lucky!


Let the Mere-thon begin...

THE list:

2009 Tenure
Charlie Thurber

2007 Battle for Terra
Jim Stanton (voice)

2007 3:10 to Yuma

2006 Hoot

2005 The Wendell Baker Story (also directed by Mr. Wilson)
Wendell Baker

2003 Masked and Anonymous
Bobby Cupid

2000 Committed

1999 Kill the Man
Stanley Simon

1997 Best Men

1997 Bongwater

(Titles, dates and links all stolen from the good people at IMDB.com Thanks!)