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Day 361
The Wendell Baker Story

There is just a whole lot of Wilson going on in this movie.

For starters, this film was actually written by Luke Wilson. If that isn't enough, he and eldest brother, Andrew, also directed it. To round it out, Owen Wilson plays opposite of Luke as his unscrupulous employer. (Imagine an 'Evil Dignan'...). According to those in the know, even his aptly-named dog, Brother, appears in the film as 'Junior.'

The youngest Wilson plays the title role of Wendell Baker, and quite well, too. He appears naturally well-suited for the part and obviously should be, considering he wrote it. In any case, he did well with the writing and acting as it seems a very good fit for him.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty darn good movie, too. It's fun. It's entertaining. It's good for some laughs and it's a decent story. (Speaking of laughs, LOVED Will Ferrell's turn as 'Dave'). It feels distinctly Texan, which I suppose is either a good thing or bad thing, depending on how you feel about Texas...

My only real criticism is that it occasionally felt a little too hokey. A little too posed to the point of appearing almost a little 'Disney'-esque at times. The story itself is obviously a little unrealistic, though, so it only makes sense that they take some liberties here and there.

All the same, it did feel mildly heavy-handed at times. I think the intention was to give some credit to the acting veterans who appear in the film (ex: Seymour Cassel, Harry Dean Stanton). Perhaps moreso, an attempt in general to convey the notion that there is much we can learn from those who have gone before us. Certainly not a bad message...

This movie was also just genuinely pretty at times. There are more than a few shots that are simply very lovely.

Lastly, I just have to add, I was really pleased with myself for recognizing 'Bob,' (aka Robert Musgrave), of Bottle Rocket-fame, playing the part of the motorcycle cop in this film. Even with the sunglasses and helmet, he was all but unmistakable to me. I just adore that man's voice.

Truly, I think this was a great effort and an entertaining flick. Check it out, as I highly doubt you've ever even heard of it...

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars
Perhaps a barbequed sandwich and a cold beer would pair well with this one...

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