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Day 365 
You Kill Me

This flick was a fairly clever story about a retired Russian hit-man who's been sent to the coast, out of the family business, until he gets cleaned-up. Mr. Wilson plays his trusty AA sponsor. (I think...)

Ok, I admit, I watched this one a while ago...

I remember it was clever, but I also remember thinking Mr. Wilson's role wasn't explored to its full potential. Ben Kingsley is a convincing mobster, and the interplay between the two was lovely, but I remember just wanting more out of the film than it managed to deliver.

It was not a bad movie, but not terribly memorable either, apparently. However, one scene that sticks out most markedly in my mind is when Mr. Kingsley's 'Frank' attempts to clear his walkway of snow with the help of a bottle of vodka (in Buffalo, NY, before moving out to the cost, obviously). Standing at the start of the path, he takes a healthy swig from the bottle, then tosses it out in to the snow before him. He shovels until he reaches the bottle again. He then takes a couple more pulls before tossing the bottle down the path to shovel towards it once more...

Helluva way to shovel...

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING:  2 out of 5 stars
Maybe add some extra bread to that sandwich to soak up the booze?

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