"Rules are made to be broken. Or stabbed by a spike-y shoe."

Day 355
Around the World in 80 Days

This movie was remarkably watchable. Certainly you have to consider that it was meant for children, but it is entertaining, none the less. It manages to remain a focused, fairly intelligible story without taking itself too seriously. Even the accompanying animation shorts, which serve as chapter markers throughout the film, are pretty effective and interesting

Steve Coogan delivers some genuinely entertaining moments (see the blog post title quote), as does Jackie Chan. Personally, I am just a sucker for Mr. Chan's fight sequences. They're obviously highly-choreographed, but always so clever and creative.

I knew nothing about the book upon which the film is based. From the little research I did, it sounds like the film is quite a ways off on several parts. The inaccuracy most relevant to this blog was the addition of the characters Orville and Wilbur Wright, played by Luke and Owen Wilson, respectively. Not only do they randomly appear in the middle of the desert driving a horse-drawn wagon, (presumably not in N. Carolina or Ohio), but there seems to have been no mention at all of the Wright Brothers in Mr.Vernes' actual story. These characters do at least figure in to the movie's plot towards the end, though.

I was truly, pleasantly surprised and entertained by this film. It's silly and inaccurate, and probably not for everyone, but thankfully it really wasn't so bad.

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING:  3 out of 5 stars
Someone should really invent a sandwich or drink, or something, called 'The Phileas Fogg'...

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