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Day 365


This movie feels alarmingly plausible.

Its depiction of our future world is surely exaggerated and comical for the sake of being watchable and entertaining, but 'alarming' is definitely the correct word. You could maybe throw in 'unsettling,' as well. It's also just down right pessimistic.

But it's not all 'gloom and doom.' As I said, there are some genuinely humorous moments (i.e. Andrew Wilson as 'Beef Supreme'). I'd have to say I'm a pretty big fan of Mike Judge and this movie did not let me down.

If nothing else, its attempt to explore what our future may entail, should we all give in to our worst weaknesses/habits as a populace, makes for good post-viewing debate. Again, I think it's pessimistic in assuming the worst possible outcomes of our current path as a society, but better to contemplate these things now, right?

Truly, I think the ending embodies a really great message, as well. I don't mean to get too preachy or cheesy here, but I honestly believe that we cannot, and should not, just stand by while things deteriorate around us...whatever that may mean. Maybe I'm just saying we should put a greater emphasis on education and participation in our society.  Maybe I'm just saying we shouldn't throw in the towel when things look a little bleak. Maybe be a little proactive? After all, "there's no problem, only solutions..."

Yeah, we'll leave it at that.

Check this one out. Certainly a bit 'low-brow,' but thought-provoking, none the less.

Oh, I also can't let this go without mentioning that 'Bob' (aka Robert Musgrave) also makes an appearance at the beginning of this film.

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING:  4 out of 5 stars
This movie left me far too nauseated to even consider a sandwich....

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