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Day 365
Middle Men

For a film about the start of the internet porn industry, this sure was boring.

It was a fairly interesting story, and I'm very curious to know which parts most closely resemble the actual story upon which the film is based.

Regardless, this movie was just boring and slow-moving, dominated heavily by Mr. Wilson's voice-over dialogue. In all honesty, I just couldn't even finish it. By the end, I didn't really even care what happened to any one of the characters. I kind of felt bad for the family of Mr. Harris (played by Mr. Wilson), but otherwise, it's just hard to really give a shoot about any of it.

The most entertaining part of watching this film came when Matt finally got home. I was in the other room watching a scene, one of many in which Giovanni Ribisi runs around screaming at someone. I had just written down in my notebook, "Ribisi is pretty annoying. Sounds like Jeremy Piven." Moments later Matt calls out from the other room, "Is that Jeremy Piven? Who's talking right now?"  Hilarious. Wasn't just me.

Anyways, check it out if you want. I guess you could do worse...

MERE'S OFFICIAL RATING:  1 out of 5 stars
If you can stomach it, go for it....

Up next...and LASTLY...
Death at a Funeral

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